Susan Ershler Testimonials and Career Highlights

Leadership Positions in Fortune 500 Corporations

  • Qwest – U S West
  • Verizon – GTE
  • United Technologies
  • General Dynamics
  •  FedEx – Kinkos

More Highlights

  • 20 Year Telecommunications Career
  • Climbed Corporate Ladder – Customer Trainer to Regional Vice President
  • 5 years in Operations, Service & Engineering Leadership
  • 15 years in Direct Sales & Sales Leadership
  • 15 years Revenue Quota Responsibility
  • 10 Years Fortune 500 Client Sales & Service Responsibility
  • As RVP, Sue led national sales and service teams focused on providing Advanced Broadband Networking Solutions and represented $600 million in annual revenue
  • Achieved between 120-200% of objective for 13 of 15 years
  • Earned 11 Annual Presidents Club awards (Top Sales Performance)
  • Vertical Market Segment Direct Responsibility and Experience:
  • Legal, Information, Technology, Professional Services, Healthcare Services & Pharmaceutical,  Financial Services & Insurance, Education & Government

Remarks from Sue’s Leaders:

“During the first five years of her career, Sue was hired as a Customer Trainer and ultimately promoted to an Operations Manager responsible for equipment and network installation, maintenance and service in my organization.  She handled tough situations well, motivated others to get the job done, and was always highly energetic.

Sue progressed into sales and became a very competent quota driven sales person.  Customers loved her.  She was always goal oriented and determined to reach high goals.  She was as steady as a rock throughout her career, never waned.

She started talking about the Seven Summits and her eyes would sparkle.  But they would also sparkle when she talked about her business.   She is a focused person and focused people can exceed at more than one objective.  She took care of her mind and body.

One of her goals was to exceed at sales and sales leadership and she certainly accomplished this goal throughout her career.”

–  Walt Yeager: Regional Sales Manager

United Technologies & GTE (1980 – 1998)

“In 1995, Sue Ershler progressed from a Senior Account Manager to a Leader of the Education Vertical Market, to Regional Sales Manager of Major Accounts due to her incredible sales success and her solid leadership and managerial abilities.

  • In Education she grew revenue from $5 million to over $17 million in one year
  • As RSM for Major Accounts, 13 of her 14 direct reports achieved Circle 100 status.

She leveraged her strong, long established customer relationships and the reputation of GTE’s success from the previous year, to position her account managers for success.  Sue, however, defers all the credit for successes to her account managers, engineers, and sales support.  She makes effective use of recognition and praise to build and sustain a highly motivated account team.

Sue sets very clear performance standards with her employees.  She has coached her direct reports to successful completion of all account plans.

Based upon her balanced performance, over achievement of quota, revenue growth, customer relations, leadership, professionalism, managerial skills and last but not least, her infectious, positive attitude, we highly recommend Sue as Branch Sales Manager of the Year.”

–  General Manager Branch Operations, Glenn Davis – Engineering Director

“At 151% of annual quota achievement, these outstanding results place Sue’s performance at number two (of 25 leaders) in our organization.  This significant achievement is directly related to Sue’s leadership of her teams.  Sue has significantly strengthened her team both through coaching of her associates and selection of candidates who add value to her team.

In addition to her normal sales management work, Sue led the account team for our corporation’s largest client in several significant sales efforts.  Under her direction, this team closed several significant contracts including one for $200 million.  Sue’s exceptional sales management skills have preserved our relationship with a very demanding customer.”

–  Bill Waters, Sales Director U S West (1998-1999)

“As Sales Director for Strategic Accounts, Sue led her team to 136% of revenue quota attainment in 1999 and 167% in 2000.  With Sue’s promotion to Sales Director she embarked on a year recording phenomenal sales success.  She built a positive, committed and professional team.  Sue is results driven, a calculated risk taker, and a master at driving team dynamics.  She has established lasting and positive customer relationships at appropriate levels within each organization.  The consummate “problem solver”, Sue has coached her team to continued, dynamic success.

–  Sue is absolutely critical to the success of our organization.”

Sue Larsen, Vice President Sales U S West & Qwest (1999-2000)

Recent Speaking Engagements

  • Axcan Scandipharm
  • Cisco Systems
  • Department of Transportation
  • Graphic Arts Center
  • IBM
  • Icode
  • Metropolitan Park District of Tacoma
  • Novartis Pharmaceuticals
  • Ortho-McNeil
  • The Pacific Institute
  • Safeco
  • Telecommunications Association
  • University of Michigan
  • Westinghouse

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