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Motivational Speakers: Where people come for the best motivational speakers who have reached the highest.

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Prices range from $1000 to 20,000 plus expenses. Below is an sample list of climbers with brief descriptions, who are available as speakers for your functions.

Eric Alexander


Gary Kopff

Robert Anderson

Francois Langlois

Pete Athans

David Lim

Brent Bishop

Andrew Lock

Chris Bonington

Alberto Magliano

Kevin Cherilla

Mike Marolt

Khoo Swee Chiow

Dan Mazur

Brot Coburn

Ricardo Torres-Nava

Yuri Contreras

Jamling Tenzing Norgay

Will Cross

Nancy Norris

Gregory Crouch

Michael O'Donnell

Wade Davis

Clare O'Leary

Andres Delgado

Gary Pfisterer

Matt Dickinson

Photo by Colin Luke

Andy Politz

Phil Ershler

Thomas Pollard

Susan Ershler

Sharon Wood

Jeff Evans

Doug Scott

Pat Falvey

Eric Simonson

Nancy Feagin

Josef Simunek

Lene Gammelgaard

Byron Smith

Stefan Gatt

Thimo Sommerfeld

Steve Goryl

Geoffrey Tabin

Bear Grylls

Tashi Tenzing

Peter Guggemos

Ed Viesturs

Gary Guller

Sibusiso Vilane

Dr. Peter Hackett

Frits Vrijlandt

Peter Hillary

Nikki Wallis



Ed Webster

Jeff Justman

Wilford Welch

Kenneth Kamler

Jim Whittaker

David D. Keaton

Tom Whittaker

Leo and Deryl Kelly

Sharon Wood

Pete Athans: In the spring of 1999 a team of three mountaineers planned to climb Everest, it’s neighboring high peaks Lhotse and Nuptse and conduct a series of experiments utilizing the Global Positioning System network.  Accompanied by two film makers and scientists from National Geographic, the Boston Museum of Science and MIT, the climbers were able to retrieve the most accurate data ever taken from Mount Everest leading to development of the most accurate topographical and geological Maps currently available. From their expedition we learned that Everest is not only still growing taller but is also moving north-east further into Tibet! But Everest Millennium and Beyond is much more than a story about a scientific team on Mount Everest. It is told by Pete Athans, six time Everest summiter, who has been traveling in Nepal, Tibet, China and Pakistan for more than 20 years. A frequent contributor to National Geographic Television, Pete has been on the summit of Everest more than any other western climber and was awarded the highest citation given by the American Alpine Club for his rescue of Beck Weathers in 1996.  His presentation documents the surreal beauty of Everest in still photography and video, from basecamp to the summit. More importantly, Pete illuminates the lives and culture of the Sherpas who reside in the high valleys surrounding the world’s highest mountain.  If you ever wanted to climb Everest or contemplate its sublime beauty don’t miss this show!

Eric Alexander a world-class skier, climber, and mountaineer is achieving his goals while playing an instrumental role in helping others to achieve their own.  Recently he defied the odds and scaled Mt. Everest with his blind- friend Erik Weihenmayer.  Currently he is planning his next adventure to Russia with Erik, to climb and ski Mt. Elbrus, at 18,500 ft – one of the seven summits (the highest points on each of the seven continents).  Making this the first-ever blind ski descent of Mt Elbrus. When not instructing disabled skiers in Vail, Colorado Eric directs Adventures Beyond Limits, an organization that educates and encourages youth with disabilities in the outdoors. 

Jim Whittaker: Highlights

Internationally famous mountaineer, adventurer, speaker and environmentalist, best known as the first American to climb Mt. Everest; May 1, 1963.

Visionary business and community leader; Past President and CEO of one of the country’s largest outdoor retailers, Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI)

Accomplished and inspirational public speaker; has given presentations to hundreds of corporations and organizations over more than thirty years.

For more on Jim see here.

PETER HILLARY … in brief

·        25 years experience in extreme risk environments

·        Climbed Mt. Everest twice; most recently in 2002 for a National Geographic Documentary

·        Forged a new route across Antarctica to the South Pole

·        First to traverse the length of the Himalayas

·        Assists his father Sir Edmund Hillary in raising funds for the people of Nepal

·        Appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman and with Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America

·        In 2003: celebrating the 50th Anniversary of his father’s historic first climb of Mt Everest

Author of five books with his latest – In the Ghost Country – due for release in May 2003. More here.

Kevin Cherilla: brings you his inspiring story of setting goals and making them happen as he relates his experiences as Erik Weihenmayers’ climbing partner and friend.  A former master teacher and champion coach for inner-city students, Kevin served as base camp manager for the NFB 2001 Everest Expedition during which Erik became the first blind person to summit Mt. Everest.  Since 1993, Kevin has traveled the world with Erik; rock and ice climbing, running marathons, biking and mountaineering.  As a team they have learned how to communicate and create systems to be more efficient and effective both on the mountain and in everyday situations. Together, they have exceeded the limitations society imposes on us and have shattered the perceptions of what can be accomplished. Kevin shares his adventures, the challenges and hardships that had to be overcome in the face of fear and danger, and the lessons learned while accompanying Erik.  His story highlights the power of positive thinking and the importance of motivating the team to focus on the tasks ahead. Kevin describes the need for teamwork and coordinating the talents of people from diverse backgrounds in his successful role as base camp manager. Audiences are captivated by Kevin’s tales of daring mountain rescues and critical decision-making on summit day. Kevin’s multimedia presentation gives his audience the ambition to achieve more, reach into the unknown, set goals for success and overcome the challenges and obstacles we face every day.  His energetic, love-of-life personality will give you the motivation and desire to “Reach Beyond Convention” and “Summit Your Own Everest One Step At A Time.”

Khoo Swee Chiow: climbed Mt Everest in 1998. In 1999, he skied to the South Pole, covering a distance of 1,125km in 57 days. In 2000, he completed the Seven Summits and became the 1st South East Asian to achieve this feat. The Seven Summits are the highest mountains on each of the seven continents in the world. In 2001, he climbed Shishapangma (8027 meters) in Tibet without oxygen aid. Having worked for Singapore Airlines in the IT division for 6 years, Swee Chiow quit his job in January 2001 to attempt skiing to the North Pole. But he had to abort the mission after 9 days due to some frostbite injuries. Not one to give up easily, he made a 2nd attempt the following year. After 45 days, he reached the North Pole. He is now the 1st South East Asian and the 4th person in the world to complete The Adventure Grand Slam, that is, the South Pole, the North Pole and the Seven Summits. Besides planning, organizing and training for expeditions, Swee Chiow gives motivational talks to a wide range of audience from schools to corporations. He is also in the process of writing a book on his adventure journeys. The title is called “Dare To Dream”.

Yuri Contreras: (Mexico)

Susan Ershler:

Jeff Evans: Adventurer, climber, Physician Assistant and public speaker…Jeff has spent over half of his life traveling the continents in search of adventure. From guiding the Duchess of York on a rock climb to leading a blind man to the summit of Mt Everest, Denali, and El Capitan, Jeff has sought out challenges that require intense preparation, teamwork and commitment. Jeff colorfully translates the lessons he has learned from his adventures into applicable themes we can use in our daily professional and private lives. He draws on many of the metaphors hidden in the world of adventure and brings them to his audience in a humorously inspiring way.

Stefan Gatt (Germany) Everest Summiter in 2001 without oxygen; First climber to snowboard down from the summit of Everest.

Peter Guggemos: (Germany)

David D. Keaton is the fifteenth mountaineer to have completed both versions of the Seven Summits, and in 1995 became the first person to complete both the Seven Summits and the highpoints of the fifty U.S. states. More recently, David has been pursuing exploratory mountaineering and photography in some of the world's lesser known regions, making significant first ascents in Tajikistan's remote Muzkol Pamir, Greenland's Lindbergh Field, and the long forbidden northside of Turkey’s Mount Ararat. He has spoken to numerous audiences on the subjects of mountain exploration, goal-setting, and achievement.  Corporate speaking engagements are of particular interest because of his background in telecom marketing and education (Wharton Graduate School of Business).

Leo and Deryl Kelly: The father and son climbing team have climbed together since Deryl was six years old. Hear about their unique relationship and how setting extra-ordinary goals as a family can impact your life. In the spring of 2001 as they both stood at the foot of the Khumbu ice fall they were about to begin the biggest challenge of their life on the worlds highest and one of the most deadly mountains in the world, Mt. Everest. Experience first hand the successes and set backs they faced and the difficult decision that was made that would for the first time ever on a mountain separate the two. Hear and experience the many parallels between climbing, business and relationships as they speak from the heart with passion.

Francois Langlois: French Canadian Climber and Financial Advisor with Merrill Lynch; gives an outstanding and motivating presentation on the similarities between his successful climb of Mount Everest in May 2001 and his successful strategies in investing for his clients: " I have learned three rules in life, and confirmed them once again on Everest : CALCULATED RISK, DISCIPLINE and PATIENCE!"  This will be a highly entertaining event on how to overcome the obstacles and achieve your goals!

David Lim is best known in Asia and abroad for leading the 1st Singapore Mt Everest Expedition in 1998 which succeeded in placing two members on the summit. The climb captured the imagination of the entire country and helped reset the parameters of what could be achieved by the small and flat island nation. A week after returning from Everest, he experienced a life-and-death struggle with Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a serious nerve disorder. The disorder totally paralyzed and hospitalized him for six months.

David is now partially disabled as a result. His return to the great mountains of the world has been huge struggle and a constant source of inspiration and new insights into leadership and personal empowerment. Combining his media, legal and mountaineering background, David lectures internationally, sharing his views and thoughts about life-management skills, overcoming obstacles and leadership. He also presents uniquely Asian perspectives on international expeditions Popular lecture topics include A View From the Top: Lessons From Mt Everest.

Andrew Lock is Australia's most accomplished Himalayan climber. His achievements in over thirty expeditions to the world's highest summits and most remote areas have been acclaimed internationally. Successes include: The only Australian to climb nine of the world's 8000 metre peaks, including Everest and K2 ; The only Australian to lead a commercial expedition to the summit of Mount Everest; The first Australian ascent of four of the world's 8000 metre peaks; Solo ascents of Broad Peak and Lhotse; Success has not come easily. He has survived avalanches, crevasse falls, frostbite, bivouacs at extreme altitude without equipment and watched friends perish. His exceptional achievements in the face of such adversity have demanded supreme levels of endurance, motivation and leadership. These experiences have empowered Andrew to enthuse others, both individually and in groups. A sought after Key Note Speaker, he imbues his mountain accomplishments with a strong message of teamwork, motivation and achievement. He has thrilled audiences from 50 to 500 at public presentations, business seminars and international conferences. Clients have included: Deutche Bank, Toyota, Sunglass Hut, Baxter Pharmaceuticals, Moranbah North Coal, Achievement Concepts, Capcoal, Halley & Mellowes, Outdoor Life Group, Lions International, Outdoor Insights, Rotary and many others. Andrew can tailor an address to meet your specific goals. He will work with you to reflect the focus that you wish to present.

Dan Mazur: (American)

Ricardo Torres-Nava: First Latin American to summit Mount Everest and to complete the double version of the Seven Summits. Named “The Sportsman of the Century” by the Mexican government and awarded an special prize by former President Ernesto Zedillo. Also decorated as “Sportsman of the Year “ by former President Carlos Salinas.

Michael O'Donnell a world-class mountaineer for 30 years, is one of the most respected corporate trainers and personal life coaches in the world today. O'Donnell's life is a story of challenge, commitment and survival. When not guiding blind or physically challenged climbers to the summits of the world's highest peaks, O'Donnell assists top executives from around the world develop new insight for leadership and organization. In May, 2001, O'Donnell and teammates summited Everest. On the expedition, he served as a guide to climber Erik Weihenmayer, the first blind man to reach the top of the world.  O'Donnell has perfected a guiding and coaching technique that enables the blind and physically challenged to reach new levels of achievement in difficult mountain environments.  He brings that same passion for instruction into the corporate environment. When guiding or motivating a work force through a tumultuous business atmosphere, O'Donnell delivers with the magic of an alchemist. Michael O'Donnell delivers a high impact multi-media presentation designed to give his audience "take it to work and use it tomorrow" principles and techniques.

Andy Politz was a member of the 99 Mallory and Irvine Expedition as well as the 2001 Mallory and Irvine Expedition. In total Andy has been on 7 Everest Expeditions: 1985 (West Ridge); 1986 (West Ridge); 1988 (Kangshung Face); 1991 (Tibet, Northeast Ridge, to summit); 1993 (Nepal, South Col); 1999 (Tibet, Northeast Ridge); 2001 (Tibet, Northeast Ridge)

Eric Simonson's background as one of the world’s premiere mountaineering expedition leaders provides him with a wealth of experience, knowledge and perspective on the topics of leadership, planning, execution and success. He addresses these themes in keynote speaking engagements to corporate, educational, civic and non-profit groups around the world. Drawing upon real-life adventures in settings where the physical survival of climbers depends upon his personal skills in leadership, preparation and execution, Eric shares with the audience his own formulas for success.

Eric will customize the content and emphasis of each speaking engagement to meet the needs and expectations of his hosts. His own goal in each case is to inspire and motivate his listeners to believe in themselves and their ability to accomplish that which may seem impossible, to be willing to risk failure in order to achieve success, and to move toward their goals well-prepared and ready for the challenge.

Eric can modify the duration of his presentation to meet each group’s requirements. Typically he will speak for about 45 minutes and then offer a Q & A session that may continue for 15-30 minutes. He has found that evening appearances following group meals are often enhanced with audiovisual content, which he can include.

Josef Simunek born in Jicin in northeasten part of the Czech republic better known as Bohemian Paradise, now live in Prague. In 1998 graduated in land survey engineering at the Czech Technical University. He began climbing when he was 17th on the famous Czech sandstone rock towers in the Prachov area close to his hometown Jicin. His mountaineering experiences continued in the Slovakian High Tatras. In 1990 when Iron curtain has been opened, he went for the first time to Caucasus in Russia and a year later made an attempt on a 7000-meter peak in Pamir. In 1992, he founded with his friend Bouda and others a group of mountaineers team called HIMALAYA 8000. The team has organized nine expedition to eightthousanders to this time, six of them led by Simunek. Personally summited Shisha Pangma in 1995, Makalu 1998 and Lhotse 1999 all tops without artifical oxygen. In 1993 he began to film the group's expedition and some of this footage has been shown on the Czech TV. He is currently cooperating with Czech TV on project called "Czech Himalayan Adventure" which is a chronicle documentary about Czech mountaineers on the highest summit in the world. Member of the jury of the Mountain Film Festival in Slovakia and member of jury of 50´s Film Festival of Mountain and Exploration in Trento Italy in 2002.

Byron Smith was the leader and climber of the Everest 2002. A mountain climber, CEO, and author of the book "Byron Smith, See You at the Top". Byron has delivered over 1,000 presentations to corporate and professional audiences totaling more than 500,000 people in many countries worldwide. He is an award winning car dealer.

Motivational Presentations From his opening question Byron Smith challenges, inspires, and motivates audiences with an emotionally engaging and awe-inspiring multimedia presentation. A rare combination of husband, father, successful businessman and mountain climber, Byron tells an incredible story of risk, reward, and success as he relives with audiences his fascinating journey to the top of the world - Mount Everest. At the heart of Byron Smith: See You at the Top™, however, is an essential and universal strategy for setting and achieving goals. Drawing clear and practical parallels between his Everest 2000 Expedition and his proven business processes, Byron offers profound insight on:  Personal leadership,  Overcoming adversity, Goal-setting, Commitment, Motivation, Problem-solving, Risk management and Success in life. Personally and professionally, Byron Smith: See You at the Top ™ is guaranteed to inspire and motivate you to explore your own "Leader From Within”.

Tashi Tenzing is a successful business owner, author and mountain climber.   He motivates corporations and organizations with his knowledge of the work ethic, focus and determination of his people, the Sherpas of Mount Everest.   Organizations around the world use his keen insight as guide for refocusing their staff to achieve the ultimate business goal, completion of the job at hand.  From the sales staff to the boardroom, your organization can benefit from Tashi Tenzing's lessons from the mountain.

Frits Vrijlandt: is the first and only Dutchman to summit Everest via the North side. He climbed six of the seven summits and plans for 2002/2003 to climb Mount Vinson and Kanchenjunga North Face. He lives in Amsterdam and has been a motivational speaker for many companies and organizations. Frits gives lectures in Dutch and English.

Many other climbers are available and will be added soon, e-mail us. Prices range from $1000 to 25,000 plus expenses.

To achieve the summit of your next business conference, club meeting, training seminar or social function, contact us


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Here is an sample list of speakers with brief descriptions, who are available as speakers for your functions. Many other speakers are available and will be added soon, e-mail us or call with your needs.


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