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Byron Smith: one of North American's best motivational speakers


“Every time I speak it is with the sole purpose of instilling in just one individual the notion that Everest is just a mountain and I’m an average guy. My achievements rest in setting of goals and following the logical steps required to attain them. Any goal can be achieved and to recognize this is to place the world in the palm of your hand.”

Byron Smith

“On behalf of the Vancouver Canucks, I would like to express our thanks for your inspiring presentation. We have many mountains to climb, and your experiences that require dedication, perseverance and focus are an inspiration to our players as to the qualities we need to reach the Top. Thank you for a tremendous job.”
Marc Crawford, Head Coach
Vancouver Canucks NHL Hockey Club

"A motivating experience. What a wonderful example of dedication, determination, planning and execution to overcome the odds and achieve your goal."
Don Wheaton Sr, Chairman CEO
First Canadian Insurance

“Allow me to offer my heart felt and head felt recommendation of Byron Smith as a Keynote speaker for your next business conference or meeting. This is given confidently and is based on Byron’s unique ability to deliver a presentation that is both incredibly motivational and inspiring while consistently bridged back to business applications. The result of this approach together with Byron’s excellent presentation style is that his presentation is far more engaging than any other motivational speakers I have heard or personally engaged in the past.”
Doug Paul, Managing Director

“Thank you very much for the fantastic presentation you gave our customers. Very motivational and entertaining. An incredible story of your climb, the challenges you faced, disappointments and achievements were really impressive to witness. We will not soon forget it”
Scott Horner, Advanta Canada Inc.

"Byron presented at our conference to an International audience of key decision makers and senior managers of education departments. His Keynote was unanimously acclaimed as Inspirational and Remarkable. He has had a profound effect on how leading educators face the difficult challenges they face on a daily basis. We will long remember Byron's presentation as he has left clear footprints and a trail that we will follow to Success. A remarkable presentation by a remarkable man!"
John Davies, Conference Director
ICT Convention
Birmingham England

“Very moving and extremely motivating.”
Carson Wolfer, Telus Corporation

"Byron showed us just how powerful the tools of self confidence and preparation are in achieving your goal. Everyone in our company still talks about the presentation. It was the perfect presentation for bringing our team together."
Don Smith, Partner
McKay & Partners LLP

"Thank you once again for making such a wonderful presentation and contribution to the success of our 60th annual convention in Las Vegas. I assure you that I speak for every one of the delegates when I say your presentation was not only entertaining but touched everyone. All of us lived the climb with you."
Richard Gauthier, President

“Byron’s five guiding principles are pure motivational power. A breath of fresh air for any organization. See You at the Top is guaranteed to move and shake your organization.”
Oliver Bush, President
Qolus Financial

“Byron you mesmerized the audience with you Passion, charm and reinforcement of family values. So much so you could have heard a pin drop. You demonstrated the impossible can be achieved by taking the time to plan and making sure to execute that plan based on goal setting, motivation, risk management and commitment. The video and photos were beyond comprehension. I recommend Byron to any group who wants to succeed.”
Jeanne Girard, Sun Life Financial
Sun Life Financial

“I want to thank you for inspiring me to plan, climb, and conquer all my obstacles.”
Richard Dolan, CEO
The Leadership Exchange

“Touching all your emotions, Byron re-awakens your inner-self to be better at what you do, by setting and accomplishing personal goals. Truly a stimulating and memorable experience.”
Myron Love, Winnipeg Free Press

"Your presentation was most inspiring and uplifting. It enabled all our Management Team to put into perspective and reflect on your message about determination and perseverance and how it can help them achieve success in their personal and professional life. Thank you"
Jaques Breunelle, Vice President Canada
Van Houtte Coffee Inc.

"On behalf of the Calgary Regional Management Team of Alberta Motor Association, please accept my sincere thanks for the excellent presentation at our strategy and planning meeting. I would enthusiastically recommend your presentation to any group or organization looking for a most rewarding, entertaining and motivating experience. It was a most sincere and inspiring recount."
Art Price, General Manager
AMA Alberta Motor Association.

"All our management team found your presentation deeply moving and inspiring.Your focus on Teamwork and Planning really brought us together as a group. I would strongly recommend you to any group looking to Inspire and build stronger relationships within their business."
Ed Penwarden, Vice President and National Sales Manager
ING Investment Management Inc

“Any organization interested in future prosperity would benefit from hearing and knowing you. You truly have a phenomenal success story. Thanks for sharing it with our management team. I am certainly going to raise my "TOP" after meeting you”
Richard J. Garber, President
Garber Automotive Management Group

“Thank you for your fascinating and emotional presentation at our annual convention… you were terrific! Feedback has been outstanding, Unbelievable, Spellbinding, and Brought tears to my eyes, to name a few. Thank you for doing such a superb job” Bill Watkins, President
Motor Dealers Association of Alberta.

"From your opening words all 650 delegates sat mesmerized. You could have heard a pin drop. Your presentation brought Inspiration and hope, you really demonstrated the ability to succeed. Thank you for what you did for Rotary"
Monty Audenart, District Governor
Rotary International

“Your presentation was an outstanding close to our CAIFA conference. In the past ten years we have had two other Everest presenters. Yours was by far the most moving and effective. Thank you.”
Robert McCullagh , 2001 Banff Chairman

“My complements on your fantastic presentation at the CADA conference in Las Vegas.”
Michael Goetz, Editor
Canadian Auto World

"Unbelievable. You were truly Inspirational, and in the presentation you could have heard a pin drop. Thank you again for your inspirational and indeed magical presentation."
John Freeman, Director of Education and Lifelong Learning
Dudley MBC England

“Your one-hour presentation in Scottsdale flew by in a flash, captivating our conference delegates. You made a clear link between the motivation and planning required to summit Everest and that needed to be successful in our personal and business lives. Our group rose to a standing ovation, we were truly entertained and inspired. Thank you.”
Brad Hart , President
National Auto Auction Association

“On behalf of our Board of Directors I want to express our gratitude for your compelling presentation. You clearly inspired the crowd with your fascinating and awe-inspiring presentation.”
Richard L. Cummings , Executive Director
Integra Foundation.

“We would like to thank you again for your overwhelming presentation at the 2001 Alberta Coaches and Officials Symposium. All I can say is excellent job”
Shona Schleppe, Chairman
Alberta Sport, Recreation Parks & Wildlife Foundation.

“Touching on all your emotions, Byron re-awakens your inner-self to be better at what you do. He has a rare capacity to virtually take you in his backpack with his warm and engaging manner. He holds the audience spellbound and you find yourself wanting to reach the top with him. Truly a stimulating and memorable experience.”
Dick Paterson, Board Chairman
Canadian Automotive Institute.

“Everyone is still talking how inspirational Byron was, and how he made an impact on us. His presentation is valid in any walk of life and can be applied to any work or personal setting. I would highly recommend him to you as an outstanding speaker who can make a difference and have an impact with your people.”
Sally Simpkin, Head of School Development
Wokingham District
Council, UK.

“Thank you for the inspiring keynote presentation at our National Convention in Las Vegas. I felt the emotion, drive, disappointments, and shared in the triumph as if I was by your side making the climb up Mount Everest. I can personally attest that I have since applied the principles that you outlined in your presentation. That's what separates your presentation from others. Visually and emotionally I can draw upon your fascinating experiences for practical everyday decisions, and feel confident that I am doing what is right.”
Thomas L. Hausfeld, President
American Salvage Pool Association

More Testimonials are available upon request.

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